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I am committed to offering families “client-centered conflict resolution” processes, which are alternatives to the traditional litigated divorce. Collaborative divorce, divorce mediation and child custody mediation aim to build a process that allows for a divorce in an efficient and private manner, all while focusing on the future health of the family.

With a “client-centered conflict resolution” process, I work to:

  • Empower and educate clients
  • Bring in the voice of the children
  • Challenge clients to make decisions that focus on the future

My perspective is unique. I bring to the table both my work experiences and my life experiences. Combined, they provide the foundation upon which I have built my law practice.

My work experience is a rich and varied one. I have a background in family law, medical malpractice defense litigation and mediation / arbitration / counseling in labor and employment matters. In Pittsburgh, I am honored to have been one of the first attorneys trained in collaborative divorce in January 2007. Since then, I chose to shift my family law practice to a concentration in both collaborative divorce, divorce by mediation and child custody mediation to meet the needs of my clients.

I have a keen interest and intellectual curiosity about how psychology, theories of human dynamics, neuroscience (how the brain functions under stress) and communication skills/patterns all play a role in working with clients during a divorce. My commitment and expertise is grounded in the intensive advanced trainings and educational programs I attend on a yearly basis throughout the United States.

I have had the privilege and honor of being trained by some of the most well-respected and innovative leaders in the field of collaborative divorce/practice/law and mediation. Collaborative law is also referred to as collaborative practice and collaborative process. In family law matters, the reference is to collaborative divorce. My mediation work is in divorce, child custody and marital mediation.

My life experiences have shaped me to have a genuine curiosity about the stories each family and parent has woven during the marriage. I also have an innate ability to truly listen to my clients as they tell their stories. That curiosity and ability to hear the underlying stories, leads to meaningful conversations, which are always focused on healthy and happy children as well as personal growth and an eye to the future for my clients.

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I chose to open my own law practice in February 2013 because I wanted to help families make good choices. I am proud to be a collaborative divorce attorney and a professional divorce mediation and child custody lawyer serving clients in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania. I offer a free 30-minute consultation at my Pittsburgh law office. Please call my office at 412-281-6555 or send me an email so we can continue the conversation about collaborative divorce, divorce by mediation and child custody mediation.

At each consultation, I will listen to your concerns and discuss all options available to resolve your conflict. You then make a choice as to which process will allow your family to move into the future.

It’s all about having choices …

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